Tuesday, 4 December 2012

INFR3330: Post GDW Stress! Game Dev Sushi!

Hey Everyone!

So, as of today, (hopefully) all years of #UOITGameDev have finished their game presentations. Along with the presentations brings our tired...sad....tired...sleepy...eyes. What to wake us up, but GAME DEV SUSHI DAY!?

As I got off my bus, I was heading to the game lab to finish some work, when my friend Michael Kunanec (@MutakKuna) said "Aaron! Turn around! We're going to sushi!" and there, I then found myself on the bus with a few of my friends from third year !

Having sushi together, was just one of our ways of de-stressing before the exam crunch period...but to be honest? Exam crunch? Is more of "relax"-crunch. This year especially was tough with the amount of stress that was put onto us with the requirements made from our classes...but with our hard work and efforts, we were able to best the pain, and finish everything that needed to be finished. 

In this picture, you can see everyone just having fun, Hahaha Kevin Gan (@Iceninja77) catching a snooze after eating his food...he was really tired...a well deserved rest!

I would be in the picture...but I was the one taking the picture, because everyone at the restaurant was busy, and I didnt feel like interrupting them..so...HERES A PICTURE I TOOK JUST NOW !

Although it seemed like a blog closing photo..I'm not done yet!
Everyone was eating sushi except for our favourite friend... Branden Schroeder! (@BrandenSchroede), and in this next picture, it shows us getting our deserts ! I ordered 3 red bean ice-creams for myself! ...no, I'm not fat... :)

Overall, it was a fun day!

When it comes to classes, Game design was always an interesting and fun one, though stressful at times, never regretted anyone or anything of that class!

Intermediate Modelling and Techniques? Always fun, but tedious!

Thats it for this post!

Hope to see you all again !

Thanks everyone 

Kazekumaru -- Peacing Out!!