Tuesday, 24 September 2013

INFR 3110U: Game Engines - GDW

Welcome back to Kazekumaru's Lair.

Recently, we were finally put back into our groups for GDW, of course I got paired with my good friend Ahmed :D! We worked all summer together at a gaming company in Toronto called Little Guy Games. It was a quiet environment, but a very good experience for game developers such as ourselves to immerse us in the industry, to really feel the pressure, what its like, and to coordinate our work ethic, as well as help us grow.

Last Wednesday our group was formed FINALLY (it was done the Wednesday before, but there was a difficulty with one class), and we had a more solidified decision where we figured out what we wanted to do.

This year, our game's art is going to be based on the popular game Animal Crossing. With the popular cute characters, people would generally like it, even for just the art. However, we plan to integrate a nice playing/fighting style, such as the hammer bros style of super mario play.

Remember the games in mario party? The ones where you'd backstab your friends when trying to jump to a platform and you hit them with a hammer or jump on their head to squash them, so you could win? haha, yea, stuff like that is SLIGHTLY in our game! (or will be implemented into it)

Our concept is like "protect the king" where the other team doesn't know who the king is, but you have to somehow stay untouched and prevent the king on your team from being hit. Instead of jumping on their heads, you simply smack them with whatever weapon you are carrying at the time. There'll be a better mock-up of what the game is in later posts, but this is just a brief/tiny taste and example of what will be seen :)
Here are examples of what the characters and weapons MAY look like!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

INFR 3110U: Game Engines Post 1 - My Return and New Objectives!

Hey all! Welcome back to my blog...after such a long time..

First day back into programming, and I found out that everyone had to make an individual tool for their game…
So what I had thought to make, would be a model viewer that the handler would be able to input the location of a texture map or normal map, and would be able to apply it to the model/mesh.
A cool feature that I thought would be a nice addition, would be, that once the character is loaded, it could be like a character screen from a game when making a new character...it lets you interact with the creation. However, this might be out of scope for this semester...so a simple model viewer, with the ability to apply a texture would be enough. For what I want to be done after this semester or at least by the end of the second semester is have Figure 1, or at least have a spin-off of it!

Figure 1

I had already looked into the homework questions, and started listing off the things I would need to learn in order to fully complete what was given, along with the upgrades...it seems like it will be a lot of work, but in all honesty...when the going gets tough…you just need to work harder and persevere. SO because of this, I plan to program at least an hour to three a day, and finish one homework question every couple days.

The most interesting question so far, would be the robotic arm. The way this could be done would be to:
  1. Learn how to attach primitives to nodes
  1. Create child's of the parent node and then lead them off until you create a robotic arm.

There's a lot to think about in terms of this one problem...time will only tell if I'm able to do this…

Anyways, see you next post!

Kazekumaru -- signing out!