Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Game Design and Production Blog 12 - Final Project Details

This is the last of the blogs to be made for this Game Design Class! But to be honest, it won't be the very last, keep tuned for other Game Design Elements and other things later!

For this game design project, what we had to do, was to make a board game, a poster, a trailer, and a write up. With this, we saw difficulties because of the game we were making. We didn't have enough time to make everything, so what we did is that we split up the work, having multiple time checks to ensure that we would have everything done.

When assigning the work, we looked at each persons individual strengths, and availability for the task. I was assigned the poster. Through some modelling work in maya, and positioning of the camera, i was able to make this picture for our game, Ultimate Gladiator Colosseum: 80 AD

The written works were to be done by Kevin, Naeem and Branden. Tyler made an amazing trailer for the game.

Thanks for reading my blog post! sorry for the shortness, but more will be added later when it can!

Kazekumaru -- Peacing Out!!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Game Design and Production Blog 11 - Game Design Class and What goes on during it (INFR 2330)

Game Design Class and What goes on during it

This class to me at the beginning of the semester, seemed like a joke, seeing the professor almost as young as us, walking in with his bowtie, and his hilarity. But as time went on, I began to see the reason why everything was done within the class up to now.

The way that he teaches the classes, he throws a ball around to people wanting to answer. That is for interaction and the want to have your voice heard, and having your opinion and insight matter.  Although I've only gotten the ball once or twice within the entire semester, I had a lot of insight and understand the reason for it.

The classes are interesting. Once, our professor put a live twitter feed on a projector screen. What was funny, to me at least, was with anything he said that was funny, could be turned into a joke, or made no sense, I would copy it, tag it with "#NackeQuotes" and post it on twitter, thinking it was hilarious.

Although it was hilarious, it also kept me listening intently to what was being said within the class… though I was pretty sure that once he figured out it was me doing #NackeQuotes, he would hate me.

One big strain with this class are these blogs that we have to continuously make. Although it is fun joining up with friends to make a game, it is a hassle because of everything that we have to do for school. i.e. the game, and other assignments…..DANGIT I JUST LOST THE GAME T_T…( If you know what "the game" is, I'm sorry, else, don’t worry. Trust me." (you know I'm in gamedev when I use "else" instead of "otherwise"…))

But in all honesty, this class is fun, interactive, and we have a fun teacher ! (when we all stop trolling or being loud) He is interactive, and he gave us LoL banners for getting good grades in his class?! #ProfessorGoingToGDCFTW.

Blogs, what I think of, are a ways to express ourselves, and I believe that I am expressing myself freely here. I hope to see further instalments and fun within our future classes until school is over.

Thanks for reading my post!
Kazekumaru -- Peacing Out!