Monday, 28 October 2013

INFR 3110U: Camera Angles

One may think...

Yea camera angles are cool...but what do they do completely to a game?

Cameras make or break a game.

 If a game is very physical and have no dynamic cameras for certain hits...kinda boring right?

Even in the new pokemon, when a pokemon does a move, the camera is moved to either show what os happening, or the dynamics of the scene.

In this infamous 2 clip, look how the camera acts or behaves.

Its like every time a hit is made, the camera moves forward toward the player. The initial camera is attached to the player, but during whichever action, the camera angle and distance is affected.
When the player is travelling,  the distance is far, but when in a fight,  its close. When enemies come into the screen,  the camera slightly gives them a view, but it is still mainly centered behind the main player.

What's your favourite camera view? Post a video in the comment section,  and give a description of what the camera does! Love to see animations of characters and camera actions.

On another note, it may not be needed, but a cinematic trailer could be made for our game. (GDW)  where the camera first starts behind the character, but when the character goes into a building, it could become first person to show the detail of the innards of the building. Just some food for thought..imagine that for a game. Its been done before but its really cool.


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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

INFR 3110U: Freemium Games

Whenever I talk to certain people about games,  they don't know how to market what they make. Whether it be they put it on the steam store, apply for a company,  or try to go freemium.

But when I hear freemium, I then they know what they're talking about? Many games go for the freemium approach but never really know how to approach it.

Games like candy crush saga use many strategies to keep their users playing and paying. For instance, a popular method they use for the game is a near-win strategy. What it implies is that when the player is about win, they tend to lose, but because they were so close to winning,  they play again. With this, they then also place items at low market prices that would help you past that section of the game.

Games like Clash of Clans give the player a certain amount of currency and make them spend it so they can see how it benefits them in the long run. For instance, in Clash of Clans, they show the player that the special currency could enable them more builders to increase their building options,  but then also show them that it can decrease the amount of time it takes for them to build or produce units and resources. (Its an interesting game. If you haven't tried it, you should)

During the summer I had to research freemium games during my internship as to how freemium games take off, or prosper. Its known that game developers research into the human psyche and figure out what content to put in their games, that woulf entice people to play them more. A common resource used for this is Maslows hierarchy of needs.

On the Apple AppStore, candy crush, and clash of clans are top games.

But what makes them so different?

Why do people pay for the content?

Yea they looked into the hierarchy of needs, and yea they have low priced items that aid the player...but what...?

The answer is  what type of needs they are using, and their portrayal of it.

In both Candy Crush and Clash of Clans, they target not only your psychological needs represented in Maslows hierarchy, but they also go after your animalistic instincts. Like a lion to their pray, and a jungle cat to their domain, Clash of Clans uses their gameplay to use your instincts.

An example is how in each game,  they allow the player to dominate another persons property for gain. In Clash of Clans, you dominate enemy orc territory, and in Candy Crush, you're travelling, helping NPCs which then enable you to conquer a certain portion of the game every few levels.
 When a lions territory is threatened, they attack. Just like in Clash of Clans, if the players territory is attacked, they are likely to either get a shield to protect themselves, or enhance their troops and attack their attacker.

Another aid for their success is the social capabilities. In both games,  their system allows people to beat you or your score, or for you to dominate. In both games,  they have a ranking system, that shows who's better in all, or a certain level.

Clash of Clans has a clan system which then adds you to a part of a "family" and Candy Crush gives the player the ability to help their friends who are in a pinch by giving them powerups. Both then play on many other characteristics of Maslows hierarchy of needs..

Going back and forth, the freemium model is a deep model which some enter and make it, or enter and fail...
My personal opinion, is that if you want to go freemium, you must do your research. Any lack may end up hurting you in the long run..

This may have just been a taste of what is capable of the freemium model...if you want more, just leave a comment asking for either more details or an extension! :)

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Thursday, 17 October 2013


For our GDW first gate, groups had to prove a tool chain, mainly loading in models and have textures. However, sadly, although my group had the requirements(shown and proven to me before), they couldn't get I t running for the check, but then they quickly had it adjusted, and showed it so they had the requirements fulfilled. However, in terms of programming, we are to be farther ahead.
My issue in the next while is how to create the tool intended for the game,  and how it should be presented...what I figure I could do, is create a window that dispays the character and the stats for them..possibly going to be a bit of work, but should be able to do it..


MIGS is coming up!
MIGS stands for the Montreal International Game Summit. I plan to have a portfolio with a couple items ready to display to professionals..starting with a portfolio of all the games I've worked on and pictures, then leading to artwork I've done, in terms of just art, then models.
What I might also do is create a cutscene that would show my hard work and dedication, but with my GDW and capstone,  as well as game engine homework questions in the way, I may or may not have to stay up a couple of nights to finish it..we'll see...

Anyways..just finishing this off..

IS EVERYONE PLAYING POKEMON X or Y yet?! ...the game is so good..from the content between gyms, to how many pokemon there are. I already put in 36 hours by the 3rd day after it was released...LOL...mainly cuz all my time is needed for work, so if I beat it early, I could get back to work. ANYWAYS, yea. When I'm done making the character for my cutscene, I feel like making a model that I saw in the pokemon game! Possibly, my favourite team, or favourite few pokemon. We'll see how it goes!

Anyway everyone,

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Sunday, 13 October 2013

INFR 3110U: Homework Questions

Hello! Welcome back to my blog.

Recently, the class I am attending was finally updated with what we needed to complete the homework questions...or at least start them. Quickly,  I had realized there were a few maya related questions, however, in terms of programming,  I'd have to choose carefully, amd be sure to select the ones I know I will be able to upgrade properly.

Aside from that, in terms of programming questions, I had recently started the ogre log parsing question.
From the start, I know I need file I/O (obviously) but I'd need to store the information into different headings,  normal,  warning, and error.  (Its weird though since warnings are rare...)
I'll need to make it so I can call up the times, have the message stored, and then call them.
( I'll need to make a way to prove that the information was stored..and What type it is..)

This will take time, but it can be completed...but for the upgrade, we need to have a box we can drag and drop the file into...HOW?!...( that's my main issue haha)

We'll see how this goes I guess..

Apparently a couple of questions are extremely difficult ( as told by my year 4 classmates) so depending on what I decide to complete, there may be quite a bit of work..

Anyways,  thats it for my blog!

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

INFR 3110U: GDW Final Decisions

Hello, and welcome back to Kazekumaru's Lair.
Just today, my group and I had our weekly meeting  to determine what we need, and what needs to be done in order to reach our goals for the first few milestones.

Last week, our modelling professor Derek came to ask about the look and other things for our game (also assets). What was said, is that we have everything, but need more specifications on everything for our game, be it crates, or, swords, or other props. Everything for this was then documented. During this meeting, we saw more finalized sketches, and animations for characters, to how the arena is supposed to look, and what the view will officially be.

The arena is like a dome-ish look, but without a ceiling, so more like stands of a baseball stadium, but shorter. The floor looks tiled, but it isn't.

The characters are finally decided with their team, and we then figured out which way to best represent and show their teams and their power hierarchy in terms of weapons (i think..). 

Our final issue of assets, we also now have fully shown with animations and more! :D

Speaking about games...and animations....
Did you see the latest pokemon X and Y update/release *-*? Mega Charizard X....

I certainly want to see which ways they improve the game in terms of programming,and what new additions they have put in.

Anyways, next blog about my GDW will have updates with pictures of what we're doing! 

Thanks for reading!

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