Thursday, 17 October 2013


For our GDW first gate, groups had to prove a tool chain, mainly loading in models and have textures. However, sadly, although my group had the requirements(shown and proven to me before), they couldn't get I t running for the check, but then they quickly had it adjusted, and showed it so they had the requirements fulfilled. However, in terms of programming, we are to be farther ahead.
My issue in the next while is how to create the tool intended for the game,  and how it should be presented...what I figure I could do, is create a window that dispays the character and the stats for them..possibly going to be a bit of work, but should be able to do it..


MIGS is coming up!
MIGS stands for the Montreal International Game Summit. I plan to have a portfolio with a couple items ready to display to professionals..starting with a portfolio of all the games I've worked on and pictures, then leading to artwork I've done, in terms of just art, then models.
What I might also do is create a cutscene that would show my hard work and dedication, but with my GDW and capstone,  as well as game engine homework questions in the way, I may or may not have to stay up a couple of nights to finish it..we'll see...

Anyways..just finishing this off..

IS EVERYONE PLAYING POKEMON X or Y yet?! ...the game is so good..from the content between gyms, to how many pokemon there are. I already put in 36 hours by the 3rd day after it was released...LOL...mainly cuz all my time is needed for work, so if I beat it early, I could get back to work. ANYWAYS, yea. When I'm done making the character for my cutscene, I feel like making a model that I saw in the pokemon game! Possibly, my favourite team, or favourite few pokemon. We'll see how it goes!

Anyway everyone,

Kazekumaru -- Peacing Out!!

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