Monday, 28 October 2013

INFR 3110U: Camera Angles

One may think...

Yea camera angles are cool...but what do they do completely to a game?

Cameras make or break a game.

 If a game is very physical and have no dynamic cameras for certain hits...kinda boring right?

Even in the new pokemon, when a pokemon does a move, the camera is moved to either show what os happening, or the dynamics of the scene.

In this infamous 2 clip, look how the camera acts or behaves.

Its like every time a hit is made, the camera moves forward toward the player. The initial camera is attached to the player, but during whichever action, the camera angle and distance is affected.
When the player is travelling,  the distance is far, but when in a fight,  its close. When enemies come into the screen,  the camera slightly gives them a view, but it is still mainly centered behind the main player.

What's your favourite camera view? Post a video in the comment section,  and give a description of what the camera does! Love to see animations of characters and camera actions.

On another note, it may not be needed, but a cinematic trailer could be made for our game. (GDW)  where the camera first starts behind the character, but when the character goes into a building, it could become first person to show the detail of the innards of the building. Just some food for thought..imagine that for a game. Its been done before but its really cool.


Kazekumaru -- Peacing Out!!

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