Tuesday, 12 November 2013

INFR 3110U: Post MIGS

When at MIGS, many different things were talked about, from programming and implementing artificial intelligences, to animation.

For the panels where A.I. was talked about, they showed how A.I. reacts differently in first person shooters.
Where when behind a box, the A.I. would show reaction as when to shoot, if the player was to come in sight, or go back to hiding. This creates a more realistic effect which would then make the player believe that the A.I. is interacting with them. The more precise the movement, the more realistic the feel of interaction. With this, they also talked about the different states that the A.I. goes through during this process. (reminded me of FSM's and etc. ahaha)

With animation talks, I had an interaction with Richard Aroyo, who works along with David Lam (also one of whom I had spoken to) in iAnimate. These men are brilliant with the way that they carry out their work. Colin Graham, with his animation skills, and Samanatha Youssef with her understanding of human body mechanics are also brilliant minds.

The things learned this year are priceless, and for everyone who didn't attend MIGS 2013, should definitely go to 2014.

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