Sunday, 24 November 2013

INFR 3110U: Engine Tools

What are tools for a game?
They are what you hear they are.

Tools in games aid the pipeline by making production easier.
They can go from visual tools, to inserting text, or even debugging tools.
In the game engines class, a honework question was given to make camera paths, morph cobtrollers and ogre log parsing tools..
Little did I know each of them were tools for a game..I don't know about you...but I must have been tired...
I had programmedthe ogre log tool, but recently just found out I could use it as a tool..but for what you say? Debugging.

As we program our game, ogre may give us some issues however, if while we program, if we were to have a log parser open in a side console, showing only errors or warnings, we would be able to see what we need to fix easier, than if we were to look through multiple lines of code. (M.LOC...haha)

Camera path controllers aid the pipeline by being able to place them, load them in by fbx with locators, and lerp between their points, seeing how the world looks. Through this, a designer could easily edit the camera paths to be taken in game to show the fullness of the game and how to capture the players attention.

These are just some tools that I've seen and thought a little about in our class!

What's your favourite tool?

Kazekumaru -- Peacing Out!!

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