Sunday, 1 December 2013

INFR 3110U: Framework vs Crammed Game Engine

What would you like to have as your game engine?

Through the years, I've seen many different types of game engines made. Whether it be wrapping the different graphics and physics libraries and more into your engine, or just cramming everything into your game.

However, the most efficient method I've found, is making a framework.

For example, in my artificial intelligence class, we had to make a game with intricate A.I . Whilst programming, we realized that as we made more functionality within more classes, we were making many clean and efficient tools that could easily be ported to other engines for other functions.

Before long, we realized we were making a framework.

Different mentalities bring different expectations and wants for a game engine. But why isn't your first idea to make a game engine?

If you could make a tool, or other structures that enabled many features in an engine...why wouldn't you?

For instance, if you made a manipulate-able camera path controller that could create cinematics just like in God of War...wouldn't you want that thing anywhere? You could create different options within it, and use it for other purposes.

Yes having a working engine is ideal, but why have it working, when it'll take you just as much time to remake it?

Think. If you made a text-based framework, then randomly get an adventure game to work on , but you need text interaction..
Boom. Time to integrate things from the text-based framework that you made.

What if you created a model viewer framework?
Again, if you get sent to create an adventure game and have no character view/item view screen?

Frameworks help with supplying solutions to your engine/game development and design needs.

I don't know about you, but since I've seen many close friends of mine make frameworks for engines, I start realizing how much I rather would use a framework than a random working game engine.

We make tools so we can be lazy..
Why have things integrated into your game if you can't take it back out and use it?

Some food for thought.
Just a rant about something that hit my mind.
Thanks guys! Nice chatting. Leave comments about what you do or think below!

Kazekumaru -- Peacing Out !!

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