Wednesday, 2 October 2013

INFR 3110U: GDW Final Decisions

Hello, and welcome back to Kazekumaru's Lair.
Just today, my group and I had our weekly meeting  to determine what we need, and what needs to be done in order to reach our goals for the first few milestones.

Last week, our modelling professor Derek came to ask about the look and other things for our game (also assets). What was said, is that we have everything, but need more specifications on everything for our game, be it crates, or, swords, or other props. Everything for this was then documented. During this meeting, we saw more finalized sketches, and animations for characters, to how the arena is supposed to look, and what the view will officially be.

The arena is like a dome-ish look, but without a ceiling, so more like stands of a baseball stadium, but shorter. The floor looks tiled, but it isn't.

The characters are finally decided with their team, and we then figured out which way to best represent and show their teams and their power hierarchy in terms of weapons (i think..). 

Our final issue of assets, we also now have fully shown with animations and more! :D

Speaking about games...and animations....
Did you see the latest pokemon X and Y update/release *-*? Mega Charizard X....

I certainly want to see which ways they improve the game in terms of programming,and what new additions they have put in.

Anyways, next blog about my GDW will have updates with pictures of what we're doing! 

Thanks for reading!

Kazekumaru -- Peacing Out!!

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